Why First-Care ?

Children are really special and they deserve to be treated the same. We are committed for client satisfaction from the very first day of our establishment. We make sure every product of Buddsbuddy proves its worthiness to our customers. Our strong focus is on quality, hygiene and care for the children and the Mothers.

We won’t say only we are the one you must choose, but we have got a wide range of the necessary products, in the most cost effective range. Not only we realize the need of unique and highly qualified commodities, but we also take care of the requirement level of the baby and parents.

All our products are made using the best technology, without any chemical addition. As we don’t find chemicals good for baby’s skin, we promote natural care through our products. Our products range involves the proper care of infants, toddlers, teenagers and even adults on every possible aspect. With our First Aid Family pack, we offer all the immediately needed aids in injury case. We have specially designed Breast Pumps for Mothers to keep their milk safely stored for their babies. We design all our products considering the best and most comfortable shapes, sizes and textures. Art and colors of our product have been finalized after a deep research by the experts. We opt for the attractive and funny cartoons that are children’s favorite, for sure to have with them.

We provide highly innovative and durable products in the following major categories –

#1 Wet Wipes –

Made from highest quality soft materials, the wet wipes provide absolute cleanliness and is safe for the baby’s tender skin. These wipes are 30% better and softer than the other sanitary wipes, and thus are a better choice for your children.

#2 First aid box –

In case of emergency when your child gets hurt or injured, the Buddsbuddy first aid box is there to help. The box contains bandages, gauze pads, cotton role, non-woven tape, scissors, safety pins, thermometer and various other items for immediate help.

#3 Magic Heat & Cold Packs –

If your child feels pain or need some instant healing, then you can easily use Buddsbuddy magic heat and instant cold packs. These packs provide natural soothing to the muscles and are completely leak-proof.

#4 Hand sanitizers & Tooth brushes –

We take care of your child from every prospect through hygienic hand sanitizers to tooth brushes with soft bruises. Our silicone tooth brush is especially designed for baby’s soft gums to get cleaned in the safest way possible.

#5 Insect repellent products –

We make sure your child is safe from the insects through the repellent bands and patches. You can use them as per your convenience. The tool will keep the flies, mosquitoes and bugs far from your child. It’s completely natural and chemical-free product.

#6 The Oral Combo Pack –

Giving importance to proper oral care and development of good manners in children, we have introduced the oral combo pack of toothbrush, toothpaste and tongue cleaners. All the items are designed by keeping the special care of child’s skin.

Besides these, we have products line for baby’s nail care, nasal care, eye care and medicinal care. All our products are available in different colors and are totally durable and safe to use. Also, soon we will be releasing our new products as an addition to the baby’s complete care.

We ensure that each and every product from ours is the best effort of providing a sense of safety for your child. We pay special attention to our customer’s requirements and fulfill them in the least possible time period.