Soothing Eye Mask


Categories : Safety

Product Description

• Helps to reduce puffiness & diminish dark circles & wrinkles around eyes.

• Help to relief from strain & tension to relaxing your hardworking eyes. .

• Help to relieve high fever by placing eye mask on forehead.

• Help to relieve fatigue & allergies.

• Can be used cold or hot by either placing it in fridge for an hour or putting in hot water for 10 minutes.

• FDA approved technology.

• Comfortable for kids face.

• Cold pack can be useful for puffy eyes, fatigued eyes, dry eyes and many more.

• Soothes eyes naturally.

• 100% safe for kids to use.

• FDA approved technology.

• No leakage of gel from the pack.

• Can be cooled by placing this pack in refrigerator for an hour.

• This mask can also be placed on forehead for headache, migraine and many more.

• SIZE:9cm x 19cm