Nasal Aspirator Combo of 2 Baby


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Product Description

Buddsbuddy Nasal Aspirator is specially designed with a soft nozzle for easy cleaning of mucus in baby's nostril whilst taking care not to damage the delicated mucus membranes.-When using the Nasal Aspirator,always hold baby in your arms.Never compress silicone bulb while soft nozzle has been inserted in the baby's nostril.The silicone bulb must be compressed first before placing the soft nozzle into baby's nostril.Failure to follow the above instructions may result in damage to the mucus membrances.CLEANING THE NASAL ASPRITOR : After each use,separate each part and throughly wash them in mild detergent.Rinse well in warm water and air dry.You may also sterilize all parts in boiling water for 3minutes or use a steam sterilizer.