Brushing Kit


Categories : Oralcare

Product Description

• This brushing pack comes with 15pcs related to oral care like toothbrush, tongue cleaner, toothpaste, sand timer -2mins and kids fun stickers.

• Our toothbrush comes with very soft bristles and silicone guard to protect gums.

• Our toothpaste is chloride free and is 100% safe for kids teeth.

• We recommend kids to brush only for 2mins. That’s the reason we have given 2mins. Sand timer for motivating the kids.

•  Dentists suggest less or more than 2mins. Of brushing is not good for teeth

An oral hygiene kit that will make brushing your teeth fun. It helps keep your child's teeth clean at an early age. Each Kid’s Hygiene Kit comes with everything kids need to keep their smiles clean and healthy.

Key Features:

• Fun and colorful way to encourage children to keep their teeth clean.

• Complete dental kit with stickers.

• Comes with box for clean and hygienic storage

•  Convenient while travelling or away from home.

Items Included in the Pack:

• Tooth Paste,1pcs

• Tooth Brush,1pcs

• Timer,1pcs

• Tongue Cleaner,1 pcs

• Kids Stickers,10pcs

• Storage Box,1pcs