Baby Skincare Wipes(80pcs pack)


Categories : Hygiene

Product Description

• 100% safe for baby skin.

• Chamomile fragrance and chemical free.

• 80wipes bottle pack.

• Contains vitamin E and aloe vera.

• 30% better quality than wipes present in the market.

• Much better than other packing styles and drying is very much delayed.

• Size of the wipe is 160mm x 200mm.

• Can be used for cleaning hands, bums and face.

Buddsbuddy Baby Wipes can be used to clean :

• Face, Hands & Feet and Diaper Changes.

• Contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E,Enriched with moisturizing lotion as mild to skin as pure water, Clean upto 30% better than other baby wipes,Clinically Proven Mild, Alcohol Free,100% Soap Free.


• Open the Lid and Peel back sealing sticker

• Pull out wipes as required

• Close the Lid and reseal sealing sticker