Adhesive Bandages


Categories : Hygiene

Product Description

• 100% LATEX free.

• Breath able pores allows air flow.

• Water proof bandages.

• No chemicals like BZK which usually present in all bandages.

• Kids friendly designs.

• Available in 2 sizes:20pcs 72mm x 19mm,10pcs 38mm x 38mm

• Heals the Hurt Faster

• A covered wound heals faster than an uncovered one

• Soothes owies naturally

• Buddsbuddy Brand Adhesive Bandages have a non-stick Hurt-free pad that won't stick to the wound for gentle removal

• Clean-it + Treat-it + Protect-it, When you or a loved one has minor injuiry, you want it to heal as quickly as possible, Minor cuts and scrapes can become contaminated with dirt and germs, which may cause infection and delay healing

• That's why Buddsbuddy brand of Adhesive Bandages recommends an easy-to-follow 3-step process to promote better healing. Clean-it, Treat-it, and Protect-it your wounds to avoid infection and speed healing.

•  Available in 2 sizes:20pcs 72mm x 19mm,10pcs 38mm x 38mm. "